Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homeland Security Beware: Radical Maritime Terrorists

I just finished watching a few minutes of Larry King interviewing the cast of Whale Wars, a group of activists who do what they can to prevent the hunting of whales. What I find extremely telling about our present culture is it's propensity to laud and honor radical extremists of the left type while labeling as potential terrorists activists on the right.

The inversion of values in our culture is obvious and has been for a long time, but it makes me feel better to point it out anyway. Let's compare and contrast the whale activists to pro-life activists. Pro-life activists have been branded as potential domestic terrorists because they reject the killing of unborn human beings so much so that they're willing to stand on sidewalks protesting in front of abortion clinics. Some of them actually go so far as to pray in front of the clinic. The most dangerous of them even attempt to dissuade women by offering them alternatives. The horror! Can you believe the lengths these people will go to force their agenda on the public?

The whale wars cast, on the other hand, are fighting a noble war with noble efforts. They risk their lives because they reject the killing of whales. They're willing to ram their boats into the sides of whaling ships. Some of them valiantly throw butyric acid onto the decks of the whaling ships. Other noble whale defenders bravely throw Methocel on the decks making it so slippery that the whaling crew is unable to walk upon it. It's inspiring to see the lengths they go in their acts of self-sacrifice in order to save whales.

To be fair, I must disclose the fact that in regard to whaling, I'm personally opposed to it, but I wouldn't want to force my beliefs on others. I think we should uphold the whalers' rights to kill as many whales as they want. In an effort to insure that their rights are protected, all regulations on whale-killing should be removed. Hell, even teenagers should be able to kill whales, especially baby whales. I would even propose the possibility of using federal taxes to pay for private whale-hunting expeditions. At some point in the near future, it would also be important to create a dialogue about mandating insurance coverage of whale-killing expeditions. But we really should do what we can to reduce the number of whale-killing.

The above is obviously tongue-in-cheek, but it truly is disturbing the see the trend in popular thought and culture. Imagine if pro-life activists threw acid at women walking into abortion clinics. What if they rammed their cars into clinics? What if...what if they bombed a clinic? Then they MUST be evil terrorists, right?

Check out the following link to get an idea of the tactics these wackos use to save whales:

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